Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Year Recap and Summer Reading List

At some point over the last couple of weeks, the readership of this column hit 20,000. I will make it a habit to mention from time to time when we hit various milestones. I would also like to mention that you can subscribe to the RSS feed directly from, as dozens of you already do, and have new content delivered right to your inbox.

In honor of our first year covering BYU football for Phil Steele, and in light of a dearth of any college football news outside of realignment, I am reposting the links to the top five most popular stories from this site over the last year. These articles have been picked up by national and local news organizations, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Rivals, Scout, and dozens of others as well as scores of fan sites and other blogs. The top 5 in order:

1. Oct 22, 2009 Updated Comparison of Conference TV Contracts

2. Feb 11, 2010 Numbers Behind PAC-10 Expansion: What it Means to the MWC

3. Dec 19, 2009 Recruiting Lag: A Look at Contributions by Class

4. Sep 2, 2009 Numbers Inside the Missionary Advantage

5. Apr 23, 2010 Official BCS Conference Standings… Finally

6. (Bonus) Dec 28, 2009 A Rebuttal of Vegas Bowl Excuses

These rankings are based purely upon the number of people that have read these articles. If there are other columns from this site that you feel are worthy of summer reading but didn’t make the above cut, let us know!

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