Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Realignment Preferences

If you are reading this then you have probably noticed the lack of articles over the last several weeks.  I'll probably continue to be off and on for a few more weeks until mid-summer. 

And, with conference realignment the only topic of the day (and a tired one at that), and having already said about all I have to say on that matter (see conference expansion topic at right), I am waiting with you to see how it will all play out.    If I could prioritize my preferences for Cougar football:

1.  PAC-10--The rivalries and BYU's fanbase footprint line up nicely with the PAC 10's current membership.  This would be a great scenario for BYU, although not going to happen.  1% chance.

2.  MWC with AQ status--This is the best possible outcome from my perspective, with a probability that falls somewhere between very possible and likely.  75% chance.

3.  Big 12--Should BYU be a replacement for Nebraska or Missouri (possibly leaving for the Big 10) in the B12 as it is currently situated (with Texas, etc), it would be a good financial and social move for the Cougs, but bad for the fans.  Do I really want to see them play Iowa State?  Baylor?  Am I going to go to those road games?  Outside of the Texas areas, there are significantly fewer Cougar fans in B12 country than in P10.  And, the destinations aren't as good (imagine nostalgia for Las Vegas, San Diego, and Colorado Springs).  This is a real possibility--and one that many Cougar fans may even be hoping for.  25% chance.

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