Friday, November 13, 2009

What to Watch for Against New Mexico--Football Bingo

Given that the outcome of the game this weekend is not in question and that the quality of the opposition will make it difficult to really learn much about the play of the team, I thought I would mix it up this week and introduce the pregame review as football game bingo. Here is how this works:

1. I will list a number of things that I think might happen (with about a 50/50 chance or so)
2. They are listed in 5 groups of 5
3. Each group of 5 must have something offensive and defensive
4. Center of group three is a Free
5. You can get “bingo” three ways
    a. Getting all five in one group
    b. All the first entries in each group, or all the second entries, etc.
    c. A “diagonal” getting the 1st item in group one, 2nd in group two, etc. or in reverse (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Max throws for 300 yards
Unga runs for 100 yards
Pitta gets 5 catches
Jorgenson gets sack
Riley Nelson completes 1 pass

Max throws for 2 TDs
Unga gets 1 TD
Jacobsen gets 1 TD
Clawson gets sack
Defense holds to 10 pts or less

DiLuigi does a jig (TD)
Defense gets 2 turnovers
Jacobsen gets 75 yards
Pitta gets 65 yards

Hall throws no picks
Johnson gets pick
Pitta gets 1 TD
George gets 2 catches
Pendleton gets sack

Kariya gets 25 yards
Max gets 20 yards rushing
Logan gets pick
Offense goes over 40 pts
Defense gets 2 sacks

Create your own football bingo in the comments below (I will follow up… bragging rights will come). In the event that more than one person gets Bingo, we’ll go with whoever has the most. Feel free to use mine and rearrange them (to save time), or to create your own (try to stick with things that aren’t a given). Go Cougs! Bingo!


  1. I sure hoped you enjoyed little game of under-estimation bingo. It seems your arrogance has left you with many empty squares on your bingo card. While you were figuring out all the different ways BYU could humiliate their opponent, you forgot to figure in one thing. Despite all their problems, and there are many, the Lobos played with heart. They took the fight to the Cougars and nearly scored the biggest upset in MWC history. In fact, if the placekicking came through, it just might have been. Maybe show some respect for your opponent on this blog, that would be refreshing. Feel free to check out for photos of the game including a priceless shot of a BYU player laughing in the face of his opponent. A proud day for BYU indeed!

  2. Thanks for the comments. It is hard not to underestimate a team that has failed to win a single game, and I confess, I am guilty. The Lobos, came out, as you mentioned, and played with passion and fight, and are to be commended for their effort.

    You also correctly point out that there are a lot of open squares on the Bingo card, again a tribute to UNM for a game well-played. BYU was lucky to come out of that game with a win.

    However, on your comment on not showing respect to the opponent, I do not feel that my "football bingo" in any way disrespected UNM. If you notice, most of the items there are near season averages and in no way implied a running up of the stats. Did I expect that BYU would win and that the outcome was a foregone conclusion? Yes. (Me and virtually every other college football fan in America, likely including most that live in New Mexico.) And so, rather than talk about the outcome, I thought I would mix it up a bit. If you were offended, then life as a UNM fan is going to be difficult for you.

    Good luck in your game this week and I hope you will continue to stop by.