Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BYU-Utah: Battle of Common Opponents

In trying to get a handle on this week’s rivalry game, there are a nearly unlimited number of angles to compare the teams—experience, average statistics, offense, defense, history, coaching, etc. Yet, this rivalry has proven that none of that will mean anything when the game kicks off on Saturday. On the other hand, it doesn’t keep us from taking a look anyway… So, here is a look at how they have fared against the eight common opponents this season:

Utah State
BYU 35-17, Utah 35-17
Both teams played USU at home early in the season and had identical outcomes.
Winner: Even

Colorado State
BYU 42-13, Utah 24-17
Again both teams played CSU early in the season on back to back weeks. BYU jumped out to an early 21-0 lead and cruised to a big win. Utah scored the winning touchdown with 3 minutes remaining.
Winner: BYU

BYU 59-21, Utah 35-15
This was the sixth game for both teams and each game was a runaway for the winner.
Winner: Even

San Diego State
BYU 38-28, Utah 38-7
The outcome was never in doubt, but BYU never really put SDSU away until the fourth quarter.
Winner: Utah

BYU 7-38, Utah 28-55
TCU was clearly better than both teams, as both teams lost by roughly 30 points. In this matchup, BYU’s defense showed better, while Utah’s offense showed better.
Winner: Neither

BYU 52-0, Utah 22-10
BYU dominated the game from the start in Laramie, while Utah struggled at home.
Winner: BYU

New Mexico
BYU 24-19, Utah 45-14
The Cougars could have easily lost this game and never really seemed to engage. The Utes did what they were supposed to do.
Winner: Utah

Air Force
BYU 38-21, Utah 23-16 OT
While the Falcons were able to take Utah into overtime, they never had a chance against a fired up BYU team.
Winner: BYU

Overall it is BYU 3 (CSU, Wyo, AFA), Utah 2 (SDSU, UNM), Even 3 (USU, UNLV, TCU), giving the slight nod in the battle of common opponents to the Cougars.

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  1. I like the look at these games to compare the upcoming game, rather interesting to see how the two teams look on paper versus similiar opponents. It intregues me to see the way they match up so differently against teams in the conference. BYU hasn't had a hard time against Air Force for quite a few years now (5 I think), while Utah has come down to the wire in at least the past 2, and probably a couple more in that time. BYU however has a tough time against New Mexico in the past few while Utah seems to wipe the floor with them... Why is this?