Thursday, October 27, 2011

Numbers on Helmets Flying Off

So last week I mentioned the incredible number of instances that BYU players were losing helmets.  The coaches made it a point of emphasis in team meetings last week and asked all of the players to tighten their chin straps.  The results were dramatic.  I only remember seeing 1-2 helmets come off in the Idaho State game, as opposed to the 15-25 per game previously (often multiple on the same play).

Well, it turns out that the NCAA has asked the referees to count instances of helmets coming off this season, and the number per this USA Today Article is 407 in the FBS through week 6.   That seems incredibly low--120 teams, 6 weeks--that means each team would only average losing one helmet every other game or so.  BYU alone was losing by my estimate 15-25 per game.  At an average of 20 per game, 120 instances  would be just from BYU... more than a quarter of them all.  So, either the number is severely underreported, or BYU really has a unique and significant problem on its hands.  Perhaps the answer is both... given the improvement in the last game after making changes, it would appear that much of it was on BYU; though the number 407 cannot possibly be an accurate count for all 120 teams through 6 weeks... more likely 3-4x that.

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