Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to High in the Blue

This site has been created to capture commentary and analysis on BYU football that is of general interest to BYU football fans.  These posts are also being published on the BYU team page at Phil and are placed here as a way for the reader to have access to RSS feeds and commentary (not avaliable on Phil's site).  While not much of what appears in this column will be breaking news, there will be some fresh approaches and logical analysis all backed up with stats.  I welcome any comments or suggestions and look forward to enjoying this season together.

Those of you who have read any of these submissions on Phil Steele's site will find several of the posts familiar (the top of each retroactive entry states the original post date in [Brackets]) as I have updated this site with content that I had previously published there. Phil's site is great, but as mentioned, does not allow for readers to post any commentary, engage in discussion, or provide feedback. I will continue to post there, but will duplicate any entries made at Phil, on this site.

As a note, this entry was created on Aug 20, 2009 and posted retroactively so as to be the first entry.

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